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Pleated skirts I love you but…..

No matter how many times I tried a pleated skirt on, deeply hoping it would look good on me, that is not going to happen….

My last attempt was last Saturday, I saw this lovely black pleated lace skirt, calling for me: it was there, my size, my style and at a bargain price! I grabbed it, in the busy shop, before someone else did, took it to the changing room, put it on and as soon as the lateral zip was fastened, I suddenly looked, honestly, 2 sizes bigger! It just did not suit my body shape but even worse, instead of being flattering, it was actually sitting there criticising my curvy figure, if you know what I mean. And it was very uncomfortable to wear too.

If you are an apple shape like me, pleated skirts are not your best friends, I am afraid. ( no worries there are other friendly skirts for us). They are thought a good match for triangle shape, or inverted triangle shape or square shape women. Not sure about what shape you are? Pm me for free advice.

Enjoy the sales out there and remember to choose the right clothes for your beautiful body shape, whatever that is!

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