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“Fancy have” new season pieces ( my favourites)

Ladies, let’s face it 😃 Autumn is the perfect season for shopping ! It is not cold yet, we can still enjoy some sunny days, afford to wear a skirt with no tights and maybe still showing off our summer glow/tan.  We can mix summer pieces with winter items like for example, throwing a jumper on a skirt or a coat on a T-shirt. Endless combinations  for great fun.  It is  also a fact that after the Summer some of us might have put some weight on over their relaxing holiday, some others might au contraire  have lost some weight, leading a healthier life style.  So this is the time to go out and buy something new, to update your wardrobe with the latest trends or simply to fill the gaps for items that better suit your new body shape if, it has changed over the Summer.

Here below find  some of my suggestions for things to buy right, now to spice up your new season wardrobe:

Animal print

It is every wear this season, it is not just the more common leopard print it is also snake, zebra, tiger prints! The  real trend for  this season is actually to dare wearing it, head to toe, oh yes. If  this sounds too much to you ( for sure it is for me), why do not choose just one item or may just an accessory?



They are still a hit of the season and so autumn friendly!



If you really like your coat or blazer but in the winter months it does not keep you warm enough, not a problem, this year you can top it up with another coat.  Embrace the trend but more important, stay cosy and warm. Not bad is it? Check these looks out, for some inspiration :


Colours Combos

This season ,as the previous one, it  is all about new colour combinations, or should I say colour clash? Have a look at these combinations or experiment new ones:



Brown is the new black and caramel and biscuit shades are my favourites, look out there for your brown shade :


70 s are back

It is one of my fav new season trends : flared trousers and jeans are gradually overtaking the skinny ones, that I still adore any way.  If you like the 70 ‘s  inspired style, like me, this season is the right time to embrace it!


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