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Recent window shopping trip with tips


sometimes when you are feeling in the mood or simply when you are on a budget it can be  nice to indulge in some window shopping. London is a feast of shops and therefore of window shops, here below are some examples of my last long  window shopping trip around Chelsea and Knightsbridge.

One of the tips is they are opening a new & other stories shop on the busy King’s Road I am pretty excited about the new opening as this is one of the high street shops I really like.

IMG_2617 IMG_2618 IMG_2620 IMG_2622 IMG_2628 IMG_2630 IMG_2634

Talking about favorites and high street  how can I not mention Topshop who is at the moment discounting some of their party shoes.

check out these laced up medium heels, they are perfect for parties outfits but also paired with your jeans. I have tried them for you ! they are even comfy and for £30 they are a bargain!


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